Wisdom Wednesday – 2/6/13


Print this and read it every day.  It’s important……


Tasty Tuesday – 2/5/13

Recently I’ve been looking for new recipes.  As a family we have been eating healthier and at home a lot but there is still room for improvement on what we eat for dinner.  We are big pasta and cheese eaters.  I’ve been trying to cut some of this out with some new menu selections.

Upon my webs searches, I stumbled across this awesome website 24/7 Moms  Let me just say, AMAZING!!!  I’m obsessed with Pinterest.  I know this.  I spend a lot of time on the website but in my defense, I’ve found a lot great recipes, saved money on home projects, planned parties, and so much more.  BUT I have now found a new LOVE website and have been spending a lot of time on it.

I know today is tasty Tuesday and I should be sharing a yummy new recipe idea with everyone but upon looking at this website, there are so many yummy ideas I couldn’t pick one.  You have to go check this website out.  And make sure to bookmark it.  They cover everything from recipes, frugal living, and planning parties, to organizing, time saving tips, coupons, cleaning, and marriage.

tasty tuesday2

Check it out……..

Manic Monday – 2/4/13

What does stress do to our body?

Here you go…….


Reducing stress may be hard at times but think of how positive it would be for your body.  When you find yourself stressed, take several deep breaths.  Close your eyes for a few minutes and focus on relaxing.  Remind yourself to let things go.  It’s not worth the negative effects.

Think about it….

Try-It Thursday – 1/31/13

I absolutely LOVE this idea.  Tomorrow is February 1st.  What a great time to start a new Valentine’s tradition.  Check this out;

15 reasons why you love someone!  Fun idea!!

15 reasons why you love someone! Fun idea!!

This is so simple, yet so much fun.  Every year starting on Feb 1st, a loved one wakes up to a new heart on their door that says something you love about them. By Valentine’s Day they have 14 special reasons.  You could also put a spin on this and use the same idea for co workers, neighbors, friends, etc and come up with 14 reasons why you appreciate them, care about them, love their friendship, etc.  There’s a long list of ways to make this simple and fun idea work for everyone special in your life.  Make sure your loved ones know how much you care about them.

Happy “heart-ing”!

Random update…

I realized it’s been a little while since I’ve given an update on my weight loss journey.  My first 90 Day Challenge has come to an end.  My goal was to lose 25 pounds.  Well, I didn’t get to 25 pounds BUT I did lose 22 pounds.  So 3 pounds short of my goal.  While some people may have been disappointment, I am not.  I’m super excited I got that far.  Especially since I was making the life style changes over the holidays.  AND I did spend 15 days on an antibiotic which did put a little damper on things.  However, even with the curve balls life throws at us on a daily bases, I still made progress on this journey.

I’m getting ready to start my 2nd 90 Day Challenge.  I’ve trying to figure out what my goals should be.  I want to challenge myself a little more this time.  I still want to have a weight loss goal as I’ve set myself a goal to lose 50 pounds by December 31st, 2013.  So this time around here’s where my goals are at;

  1. Lose another 20 pounds
  2. Workout 4 days per week
  3. Become better at practicing Yoga at least 2 days per week
  4. Offer my body a day of rest once a week
  5. Continue to improve with healthy cooking
  6. Explore and learn about clean eating.

I love where we are at in life right now.  We have made a lot of positive changes over the last year.  Our health is improving, we are losing weight, we are healthier, and continuing to grow and learn more about improving our healthy lifestyle.  It’s important to always be learning and growing.

On a side note, my husband and I are getting ready to start our 2nd 90 Day Challenge.  We are looking for more people to join us.  The excitement of having others to talk to, vent, celebrate, and everything else that comes along on the journey is so much more fun.  Join us.  There are many perks and reasons to try the 90 Day Challenge.  Ask us, we’ll give you all the information you need to make an educated decision about joining us.

Always get up and try again.

Always get up and try again.

Looking forward to the next Challenge………

Wisdom Wednesday – 1/30/13

This past week has been spent on a lot of personal soul searching, researching, planning, talking, and establishing some direction.  Upon researching several different things, I stumbled upon the following picture.

What side do you fall on?

What side do you fall on?

I must say, I LOVE this.  It’s something that has now been printed and put up in my home office.  It’s something that is so right and we all need to be reminded of the power of success on a daily bases.  I’m glad a find myself falling a lot on the right side.  And as I’ve done some deep soul searching and I start to understand somethings, I’m glad the things that fall on the left side will soon be switching over to the right side.  It’s amazing how powerful your mind-set has such a control over things.  I strongly encourage you to do some soul searching and see where you are at…….do it often and make sure you have more on the right than the left.  When you find things on the left are true, work to make a change.  Stay in the green!

Happy soul searching! 


Tasty Tuesday – 1/29/13

With Valentine’s Day 15 days away, we thought today we would make today’s Tasty Tuesday about how you can give friends and family a special treat without breaking the bank or spending a lot of time preparing.

How about making chocolate covered strawberries at home?  Sounds messy and time consuming, right?  We found an easy way.  Check this out……..

Here’s what you need;

Clean ice trays

Clean Strawberries

Melted Chocolate – of your choice

Now what?  Well it’s simple.  Cut the tops of the strawberries off.  Cut them in half – long ways and rise them off.  Place half of the strawberry in one section of the ice tray.  Once your tray is full, pour melted chocolate over the strawberries.  Make sure to focus on pouring the chocolate on top of the strawberry and not just in the tray.   Place the tray in the freeze until the chocolate hardens.  Once the chocolate has harden, remove from the freezer.  Pop the chocolate cover strawberries out of the trays and cut.

Homemade Chocolate cover Strawberries!

Homemade Chocolate cover Strawberries!

There ya go.  Simple, homemade chocolate covered strawberries without breaking the bank OR the mess.  Yummy!!  And by the way, yes, we know this might not be the most healthy posting for Tasty Tuesday BUT we thought hey, Valentine’s Day is coming up and everyone deserves to be spoiled.

So spoil the ones you love!!