Wisdom Wednesday – 2/6/13


Print this and read it every day.  It’s important……


Wisdom Wednesday – 1/30/13

This past week has been spent on a lot of personal soul searching, researching, planning, talking, and establishing some direction.  Upon researching several different things, I stumbled upon the following picture.

What side do you fall on?

What side do you fall on?

I must say, I LOVE this.  It’s something that has now been printed and put up in my home office.  It’s something that is so right and we all need to be reminded of the power of success on a daily bases.  I’m glad a find myself falling a lot on the right side.  And as I’ve done some deep soul searching and I start to understand somethings, I’m glad the things that fall on the left side will soon be switching over to the right side.  It’s amazing how powerful your mind-set has such a control over things.  I strongly encourage you to do some soul searching and see where you are at…….do it often and make sure you have more on the right than the left.  When you find things on the left are true, work to make a change.  Stay in the green!

Happy soul searching! 


Wisdom Wednesdays – 1/16/13

Wisdom Wednesdays will be bringing you tips and thoughts on healthy living and wellness.  Simple and easy things to make your life better.

Today we are starting off with something simple but very powerful!!  Think about this and really look at how positive your life has been?  Is it?  Has it been?  Mind over matter is a very powerful thing.  It can make or break you in almost everything you do.  No matter how bad things may seem, always remember, it could be worse.  Somewhere someone is dealing with something just as difficult if not worse.  Find a positive to everything going on in life.  Use experiences as lessons.  Grow and learn.  Smile, love, and spread happiness no matter how rough things are.  What kind of difference will this make in your life?


Powerful.  Think about it.

Powerful. Think about it.

 Happy Wednesday!