We are back!

Thank you to everyone for being patient during our little break.  I’ve dealt with my health “concerns”, recovered from surgery, and we are back now!  🙂

During our little break, we did a lot of soul searching, researching, and growing.  We’ve made a lot of changes and have lots of exciting plans.  I’m super excited about where things are going and can’t wait to share the journey with you.

Stay tuned……



MIA…..just a little.

Well, we went a little MIA for the past week.  Not really, there’s been a lot going on.  We were dealing with some personal medical concerns last week and I really needed to spend my time focusing on doctors, research, and myself so we could make the right decision and move forward.  But no worries.  I took the last few days to relax, pamper myself a little, and take some time to refocus.

We will be back on regular schedule tomorrow and look forward to bringing everyone lots of continued information about health, wellness, and over all healthy living.

Back up!  Ready to roll!

Back up! Ready to roll!

Random update…

I realized it’s been a little while since I’ve given an update on my weight loss journey.  My first 90 Day Challenge has come to an end.  My goal was to lose 25 pounds.  Well, I didn’t get to 25 pounds BUT I did lose 22 pounds.  So 3 pounds short of my goal.  While some people may have been disappointment, I am not.  I’m super excited I got that far.  Especially since I was making the life style changes over the holidays.  AND I did spend 15 days on an antibiotic which did put a little damper on things.  However, even with the curve balls life throws at us on a daily bases, I still made progress on this journey.

I’m getting ready to start my 2nd 90 Day Challenge.  I’ve trying to figure out what my goals should be.  I want to challenge myself a little more this time.  I still want to have a weight loss goal as I’ve set myself a goal to lose 50 pounds by December 31st, 2013.  So this time around here’s where my goals are at;

  1. Lose another 20 pounds
  2. Workout 4 days per week
  3. Become better at practicing Yoga at least 2 days per week
  4. Offer my body a day of rest once a week
  5. Continue to improve with healthy cooking
  6. Explore and learn about clean eating.

I love where we are at in life right now.  We have made a lot of positive changes over the last year.  Our health is improving, we are losing weight, we are healthier, and continuing to grow and learn more about improving our healthy lifestyle.  It’s important to always be learning and growing.

On a side note, my husband and I are getting ready to start our 2nd 90 Day Challenge.  We are looking for more people to join us.  The excitement of having others to talk to, vent, celebrate, and everything else that comes along on the journey is so much more fun.  Join us.  There are many perks and reasons to try the 90 Day Challenge.  Ask us, we’ll give you all the information you need to make an educated decision about joining us.

Always get up and try again.

Always get up and try again.

Looking forward to the next Challenge………

Detox Bath…..

I’ve heard a lot of these detoxing baths.  All about how good they are for you.  Honestly, I was very nervous about trying one.  I’ve gone and had many foot detoxes before and LOVE them.  All I could picture was my bath tub looking like the foot detox.  No thank you, I’m not sitting in that.

So worth your time!!

So worth your time!!

After some research and convincing myself I really needed to try this, after a hard workout yesterday, I decided “today is the day!”  So here’s what you need;

2 cups of Epsom Salt

2 cups of baking soda

1 tablespoon of Ginger


Follow these steps;

  1. Prepare your bath on a day that you have at least 40 minutes available. The first 20 minutes help your body remove the toxins, the second 20 minutes are for absorbing the minerals in the water.
  2. Fill your tub with comfortably hot water.  As hot as you can stand it but do not burn yourself.
  3. Add Epsom salts.  Soaking in Epsom salts actually helps replenish the body’s magnesium levels, combating hypertension.  The sulfate flushes toxins and helps form proteins in brain tissue and joints.  Soaking in this type of bath after hard workout can help aid in soreness.  Epsom salt is very inexpensive.
  4. Add 1 to 2 cups or more of baking soda.  Baking soda is known for its cleansing ability and even has anti-fungal properties.  It also leaves skin very soft.
  5. Add ground ginger or fresh ginger tea.  This step is optional, ginger can increase your heat levels to help you sweat out toxins. However, since it is heating to the body, it may cause your skin to turn slightly red for a few minutes, so be careful with the amount you add. Depending on the capacity of your tub, and your sensitivity, anywhere from 1 tablespoon to 1/3 cup can be added.
  6. Swish all of the ingredients around in the tub, then soak.  40 minutes is recommended (the longer the better), but at least 20 is needed. You should start sweating within the first few minutes.
  7. BE CAREFUL. Your body has been working hard to detox and you may find yourself lightheaded or feel weak and drained.  The salts do make your tub slippery, so be careful when you are getting out of the tub.
  8. Drink plenty of water. Any time your body detoxes you need to flush out toxins. If you don’t, you will likely feel sick afterwards.  Increase your water intake for up to 48 hours after your bath.

Here are a few tips for your detox bath;

  • It’s also a good idea to drink water before and during your bath, especially if you’re feeling overheated from the tub water.
  • Don’t eat immediately before or after the bath.
  • Have your towel nearby the tub and ready so that you can wrap up immediately and continue the detox.
  • Relax for the rest of the day as much as possible and allow your body to continue to detoxify and heal itself.
  • A bath of Epsom salt and baking soda bath is detoxing in and of itself, but other items can be added for further effects.
  • Other additives used by some are grapefruit seed oil, rosemary, and thyme (not white thyme, it has a cooling effect).
  • Turn off the lights. Light candles. Clear your mind, meditate & relax.
  • Sea salts can be added for several health and skin benefits.


  • Before adding herbs not on the list to your bath, YOU need to read what their effects are. Some herbs CAN be poisonous.
  • Do not take a hot bath or a detox bath if you are pregnant, or have heart, kidney, or any other health issues.
  • This information is for educational purposes only and is not meant to diagnose, treat, cure or otherwise take the place of the advice of your licensed healthcare practitioner. See your doctor for advice first.
  • Avoid putting hydrogen peroxide in your bath. As an oxidizing agent, it can have corrosive effects on your skin.

So here’s my two cents on this idea; LOVE it!!!  I strongly encourage everyone to try this.  Especially after hard workouts.  Since I was a little nervous about doing this, I did not add the Ginger.  I will be trying it next time.  I also stayed in for 30 minutes.  I was bored after awhile but now I know what to expect so next time I can be more relaxed and I plan on staying in for a full 40 minutes.  I was a little lightheaded afterwards but I rested for about 30 minutes and drank 2 full glasses of water.  I continued to drink a lot of water for the rest of day.  As you can imagine, I did spend a lot of time in the bathroom from drinking all the water.  I did not feel too tired after doing this, in fact I spent the rest of my day cleaning about the house.  I’m not sure if the bath had anything to do with it or not but I slept wonderfully the night after this.

I am going to make an effort to make time for one of these baths once a week.  My skin was a little dry but after adding some lotion, I feel normal again.  The benefits of detoxing can make such a positive effect on your body.  I’m also going to starting looking into some foot detox baths again.  I really enjoyed the benefits of those.  They helped a lot with my allergies and lower back pain.

If you have any questions, please let us know.  I’d recommend trying one of these but please use caution and know your own body.  If you have any concerns, do your own research or talk to your doctor as results will vary from person to person due to everyone being different.

Happy detoxing! 

Eating Clean……

I’ve seen a lot about this clean eating idea recently.  It seems like there are a lot of people jumping on board.  I have to wonder, is this a new “fad”?  Is it the next “big thing”?  Inquiring minds want to know……..

Let me just say, I’m all about healthy eating.  I believe in it.  It’s taken me a while to really see the benefits and feel the difference by cutting out fast food, soda, and other “not-so-good” for you foods.  I started out by cutting out soda about 2 years ago.  This was hard for me but not that bad.  I was not a huge soda drinker but I LOVED Cherry Dr. Pepper.  I still do…..or think I do.  There are times even now, where I get an over whelming craving for one.  Sometimes I cave and give in.  Sometimes I don’t but I must say, now that I’ve cut it out when I do have one, it does not taste as good as it use to when I drank them often.

Within the last year, my family has made some big changes in the foods we are eating.  We’ve made a huge cut back in eating fast food.  Going from 2 or more times per week to maybe 2 times per month.  It is VERY limited.  This has been huge.  I can not begin to tell you the different I have noticed for myself.  We are cooking a lot more at home, eating more fruits and vegetables and have cut down our portion sizes.  It’s still a work in progress but hey, we have come a long way in improving our overall health.

So that brings me to this whole clean eating thing.  I’ve started researching it and I’ll keep you posted on what I find and my thoughts on it.  If anyone has any suggestions, thoughts, websites to look at, or an overall opinion about it; please feel free to share.  I’d like to hear the good and the bad.

Stay tuned…….

It's so worth it!

It’s so worth it!

Things that make you go hmmmmm…..

So, last week I updated the blog with a posting about the Journey to Fit’s Team exciting announcement.  Um, where did that posting go?  lol!!  Good old technology.  🙂

Let’s try this again.  The Journey to Fit Team is excited to be teaming up with the ViSTL team.  THE ViSalus team in St. Louis, MO.  They offer the 90 Day Body by Vi Challenge and we are super excited about this.

Please click on the picture below to go to our website.  Look around and check things out.  Please let us know if you have any questions.  We’d love to talk with you about getting some awesome results!!

Join the Challenge with me!

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