Fun Facts Friday – 1/25/13

What is your mind-set?  Is it a Positive?  Negative?  Neutral?  Go with the flow?  type of mind-set?  Do you think your mind-set effects your life?

Ever heard of mind over matter?  Your mind is a powerful tool.  It controls so much more than any of us will ever realize.  Sometimes we wonder why things happen or why something didn’t happen.  Did you stop and look at what type of mind-set you had during that time?  No matter how positive you thought you were being, was your mind and thinking really positive?  Was there a little negativity there questioning whether or not something will really work?  That little bit of negativity could have made the difference in the outcome.  Hard to believe that but it’s true.

I love this picture……..

A positive life is a meaningful life.

A positive life is a meaningful life.

…’s a great reminder.  When you change your mind-set and truly focus on all things positive, life changes.  Things change.  More positive thinking and things continue to happen and follow you.  Make your life positive.  Make your thoughts positive.  Share your positive mind-set with everyone around you.  At the end of your day, going to bed with a restful positive mind-set and focus not only changes your life but can change your health and wellness.

Focus on the positive.


Friday Facts – 1/18/13

Friday Facts kicks off today.  Every Friday we will be bringing you facts on health, wellness, food, sickness, family, exercising, and more.  (Go figure, right?)

.....just for you!

…..just for you!

Did you know……..

If you are cold you are more likely to be hungry because you use energy to keep warm.

This might answer the good old question, “Why am I always hungry?”  Especially during the winter months.  I know I notice people eating more during the winter.  So there is definitely truth to “Storing up for the winter months.”  BUT guess what.  It does not have to be this way.  Here are some tips for avoiding “cold hunger” cravings…….

  1. Add an extra layer when you know you are going to be somewhere cold. Wear a sweatshirt when possible to help keep you warmer.
  2. Keep your feet warm.  This is important!  Body heat escapes from our feet and head.  During the winter months, wear thicker socks, keep your shoes on, wear slippers around the house, and if you are going to be outside in cold for a long period of time, wear extra socks and make sure you have warm shoes on.
  3. Keep your feet dry.
  4. Always wear a hat and gloves when outside – don’t let your body heat escape!!
  5. Along with drinking lots of water, drink warm drinks such as tea or hot chocolate.

Keep warm and see “cold hunger cravings” decrease.  Allow your body to use the energy to burn calories and not increase hunger so you want to eat.

Have a great weekend!!