Tasty Tuesday – 2/5/13

Recently I’ve been looking for new recipes.  As a family we have been eating healthier and at home a lot but there is still room for improvement on what we eat for dinner.  We are big pasta and cheese eaters.  I’ve been trying to cut some of this out with some new menu selections.

Upon my webs searches, I stumbled across this awesome website 24/7 Moms  Let me just say, AMAZING!!!  I’m obsessed with Pinterest.  I know this.  I spend a lot of time on the website but in my defense, I’ve found a lot great recipes, saved money on home projects, planned parties, and so much more.  BUT I have now found a new LOVE website and have been spending a lot of time on it.

I know today is tasty Tuesday and I should be sharing a yummy new recipe idea with everyone but upon looking at this website, there are so many yummy ideas I couldn’t pick one.  You have to go check this website out.  And make sure to bookmark it.  They cover everything from recipes, frugal living, and planning parties, to organizing, time saving tips, coupons, cleaning, and marriage.

tasty tuesday2

Check it out……..


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